Gallery maintenace done + more Charmed caps!

To make up for the many hours of gallery maintenace, I have added screencaptueres from another “Charmed” episode for you! Up today is caps from the twelth episode of season 8. It’s not a very Phoebe-centric episode, which means that there are not many captures either. Nevertheless – Alyssa looked great :D

You will also notice that our galleries have a brand new look. I hope you like it as much as I do! Please let me know if you experience any issues. All the thumbnails should be in better quality now, but we have reduced the size a bit.

EDIT: Some of our thumbs are still not done. But are amazing Mandy is fixing it as we speak :D

Episode Summary
With the intention of helping his parolee get a loan, Henry, along with Paige, go to a bank but instead the parolee decides to take everyone at the bank hostage. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Piper have their hands full when, during his third birthday party, Wyatt turns three of his toys into real people.

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