New domain + Content and gallery updates!

Hello netters! :) I have a pretty cool update + exiting news for you guys today! Our amazing host, Gertie, has just bought us a brand new domain:! That means that you will now be able to access us on both domains, the new one as well as To celebrate our new domain, I have been making a few content updates for you lot today. These includes some interactive stuff, as well as the very first page in our style sections: 2010 outfits! Next up content wise now will be to complete our career page, add a lot more pages to our style section and I am also working on a couple of games. I have also added 16 new HQ images from the “A drop in the bucket” event Lyssa made on October 19 last year. Click at the thumbnails below to be directed to the album – and the page links above them to be taken to the new contet pages. Enjoy – and stay tuned for more here at Alyssa Milano Online!

»Different Hairstyles
»Dress up Alyssa
»Spell Alyssa
» 2010 Style Archives

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