New Article: Alyssa Milano won’t name son until he’s born!

ALYSSA Milano is refusing to name her unborn baby until she sees what he looks like. The 38-year-old actress — who is pregnant with her first child with her husband Hollywood agent David Bugliari – says although she has an idea of what she would like to call her son, she is worried about making a final choice in case he doesn’t suit the name.

“[We have] three boys names. You hear so many stories about people who picked a name out and then the baby didn’t look like the name,” she said. “So we’re narrowing it down until we see the child.” However, the Charmed star did reveal that she would like to pay tribute to her husband’s Italian roots and says the baby will not have a typically American sounding name.

“We’ll go with a slightly Italian name, so that it goes with Bugliari,” she said. “So it’s not, like, Scott Bugliari.” The brunette beauty — who recently admitted that she’s been craving broccoli since falling pregnant — added that she is enjoying carrying her baby. “I’ve had a lovely pregnancy. We’re due in the beginning of the fall and he’s been a pleasure to carry,” she said.