Screencaptures from Charmed 3×22: All Hell Breaks Loose!

Continuing on from our previous updates, I’ve began on the runner-up in our what “what would you like to see being updated here at Alyssa Milano Online” poll seing as we’re still in our Alyssa-news lull – Charmed screencaptures! Hopefully I’m not boring you with all the screencapture updates. I’ll try to start up something else for you soon which I think you’re all going to love.

Up today is captures from the epic season 3 finale All Hell Breaks Loose! This is one of my absolute favorite Charmed episodes – only downside is that it doesn’t really feature Phoebe much. I still have more than 200 stunning shots of her for y’all though! Enjoy the caps in our galleries, and stay tuned for more updates here soon.

After saving a doctor from the attack of the Source’s Personal Hitman, Shax, the sisters are exposed as witches to the entire world. Phoebe and Cole are in the Underworld and are forced to strike a deal with Tempus to travel back in time to before it was revealed that magic existed. They travel back succesfully but the episode ends with Phoebe, Cole and Leo trapped in the Underworld and Prue and Piper lying unconsious on the floor from when Shax blasted them in his initial attack, neither of them moving, one or both of them possibly dead.


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