Screencaptures from “Confessions of sorority girls”!

Mandy and I have been working hard on the galleries here at Alyssa Milano Online the last week – so hard in fact, that more than 4 000 new photos have been added since last Sunday! I will not be making posts about every single update, only the major ones, but you can check all the latest uploads here. Start browsing, and keep on checking for more updates!

One of the things that have been added is screencaptures from Alyssa’s 1994 film “Confessions of sorority girls“! Alyssa looked stunning, as always, and the captures are in a pretty decent quality. For those of our trivia liking fans, Alyssa’s on screen boyfriend in this film was played by Brian Bloom, whom she has starred with in three other films: Dance ’til dawn, Crash course & Where the day takes you! They’ve also both starred in episodes of the long running series “Melrose Place”.

A spoiled little rich girl arrives at Sorority High with studying the last thing on her mind. Spreading malicious rumours and splitting people up are just some of the things she finds amusing. Her behaviour not surprisingly though, starts to alienate her from her fellow classmates.


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