There’s a lot of reasons for why we just love Alyssa – and the way she is using her influence for the greater good is absolutely one of them! Lyssa is a supporter and/or ambassador for many different charity organizations. She even received an humanitarian award from Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nation and The John Wayne Cancer Institute’s 2004 Spirit of Hollywood Award, for her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others!

We have created this page as a tribute to Alyssa for all her hard work, and because we want to educate other people about these causes as well. In here you’ll be able to get information about each of the projects Alyssa have been a part of, the causes she supports and much more! Perhaps take action and join some yourself?

We’ll start this page with a very nice piece written by Tommy Geraci (@teeco71) about Alyssa and her charity work:

Each month for, I would like to choose one female celebrity who is using her influence for the greater good.  For my first choice, it was very easy to select Alyssa Milano. From her charity work to the amazing example she sets for young people  as a business woman and someone who has successfully made the transition from child actress to smart and sweet adult, her star shines as bright today as ever.

I was recently at the Twitter 140 Conference in LA where Alyssa’s name came up quite often.  Everyone from the big shots to the not so big shots adore her Twitter presence and style as well as her charitable side.  Everyone agrees that she always uses her influence for good, plus she is one intelligent woman.

I personally love the fact that she has separate accounts on twitter for her Touch by AM clothing line (@TouchbyAM)  and then one for information on her whereabouts and social doings (@AlyssaDotCom).  Her main account (@Alyssa_Milano)  is kept as her personal account, where she is all about what is important to her and really shows her heart.

Her clothing company is not just another celebrity brand, Alyssa designs the clothing and is always involved in decisions about Touch.  There is so much more to it than lending her name or face as is the case with some celebrity lines.  There is passion that is evident any time you see Ms. Milano discuss her ideas about the clothing and sports in general. It is an excellent example for young people, especially young women, who want to be in the entertainment industry or just great business women.

When it comes to philanthropy, Alyssa is extremely socially aware as well as influential.  If you look around on any social site these days, you will see almost everyone getting involved with Charity Water.  It is easy to set up an account for donations but Alyssa was one of the first high profile people to do so last December for her birthday. I think all who followed her lead are a true testament to her influence and how much we all value her expressions of love for humanity.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at just Charity Water.  Alyssa is an ambassador for UNICEF, which she travels the world for, visiting areas in need and those affected by devastation.  Add to that a love of animals and efforts to make sure they are treated fairly and you see why it is so easy to relate to her. She is a voice for those who otherwise may have no representation in society or on social media.

Even in the world of entertainment, Alyssa is not simply and actress who shows up for her parts. She was a producer on “Charmed” and has produced television movies she has been involved with.  Most recently, an upcoming flick for Lifetime, called “Sunday at Tiffany’s” as well as the feature, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.”  Her involvement in her character development was quite evident during Charmed’s eight year run.  Even today when she talks about Phoebe Halliwell, you detect the connection she had for her.

Another amazing thing about Alyssa Milano is that the more you get to know her, the more you realize she would be exactly who she is today even if she never acted.  Her career could have been anything at all and somehow she would find a way to be charitable.  If you ask her, she will credit this to her parents and family.  I agree and think we should give them a big “Thank You” for giving us this ultra kind soul.  As you can see the mark she makes on society is an extremely positive one and one that will last for years to come.

I wish there was an award to be given out when I choose these individuals but I think the best award we could give them is to go out and do good in our own lives.  Not matter how big or how small, every act of kindness matters.  Most times what seems too small a gesture to us is a huge deal for someone in need.

Charities & Foundations Supported
( In depth information will come for each of these causes eventually! )
• Believe in Dreams
• Clinton Global Initiative
• Common Ground Foundation
• Creative Coalition
Global Network
• Nkosi’s Haven
• Rock the Vote