Charmed: 4×04 – Enter the Demon Screencaptures

As promised, I have today continued to fill our “Charmed” section of the galleries with screencaptures. This time, I have screencaptured the 4th episode of season 4: enter the demon! I really love this one – Alyssa looks absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a hilarious episode. I have added a little recap for you below, but for those of you who are to eager to check out the captures: It’s the episode where Paige accidently makes her and Phoebe switch bodies. If you’re however, really bored, then you can check out the complete episode script here. There’s quite a lot of pictures, but that also mean lots more pretty-nees! Enjoy the captures, and come back soon for more!

4×04 – Enter the Demon x 840

Paige makes a major blunder when carelessly mixing potions for Piper while secretly wishing she could be in Phoebe’s shoes training for combat, and ends up actually switching bodies with Phoebe. While the two sisters try to reverse the spell and struggle to harness each other’s powers, they must battle a Zen Master’s powerful disciple who has turned evil against his mentor and opened up a portal between two worlds.

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