Charmed captures from episode 6×05: Love’s a Witch.

Eventhough I fear I’m boring you with these screencapture updates, I have added captures from yet another “Charmed” episode! I apology if these updates are starting to get a bit tedious – I promise to make some other updates like content, HQ appearance photos etc this weekend. However, how can we not just love Alyssa as Phoebe? I love re-watching and capturing the series, Phoebe has always been one of my favorite Lyssa characters. And I hope you like to view the captures as well! If there is anything else you would rather see being updated or added here, then please let me now – I’m here to please you ;)

Up today is captures from the 5th episode of season 6, Love’s a witch. I have also started a page for it, but there’s not much up there currently. All being well, I will start properly on our episode guide this weekend – and you can expect each page to contain summaries, quotes, media and fun stuff! To view the page, click here. Enjoy the phoebe-goodies, and come back to Alyssa Milano Online soon for more!

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