More Season 6 “Charmed” Screencaptures!

Continuing on from where I stopped earlier this year, I have now added screencaptures from two more episodes of Charmed’s season 6. Up today are “Soul Survivor” and “Sword and the city”, which are the 7th and 8th episodes of the season. I’ve gotten quite far at the episode guide for season 6 now, but I’ve decided that I will wait until I have captures from all episodes up + pages for each episode before I put them online for you’re viewing pleasure. When that’s done, I’ll continue onto a next season – anyone have any wishes for which season that should be? Enjoy the new captures, and stay tuned for more updates soon!

Episode Screencaptures > 6×07 – Soul Survivor x271
Episode Screencaptures > 6×08 – Sword and the City x403

100.jpg 121.jpg 234.jpg 246.jpg 264.jpg
03.jpg 101.jpg 55.jpg 74.jpg 351.jpg