New article: Pink, Alyssa Milano and Ali Landry have given the best baby names in 2011

The Best Celebrity Baby Names in 2011 list is here. Among the most inspired parents, there are Ali Landry, Rachel Zoe, Pink, Tina Fey, Zac Brown, Alyssa Milano and Miranda Kerr. Stay with us to find out which names were the most creative and which were just too odd.

The best girl names were:

• Amaya – the name given to Mariska Haritgay’s baby daughter
• Penelope Athena – the name given by Tina Fey to her little girl
• Willow Sage – a name highly appreciated by Pink’s fans; name obviously given to Pink’s daughter

Mariah Carey, the diva mom of this year, had a cool idea of naming her twin daughter Monroe, after the Hollywood’s most famous blonde, Marilyn Monroe, but lost points with her son’s name: Moroccan Scott.

When it came to best boy’s names, here are the top ideas:

• Alyssa Milano’s Milo
• Rachel Zoe’s Skyler
• Miranda Kerr’s Flynn
• Ali Landry’s Marcelo
• Jenna Fischer’s Weston

Among the least inspired parents were Bryan Adams, who named his daughter Mirabella Bunny, Ethan Hawke, whose daughter’s name is Indiana, Mike Myers’ boy named Spike and Jennie Finch’s baby Diesel.