Alyssa Milano Online launches version 6!

Hello fellow Alyssa fans – noticing something new?! We’re today sporting a brand new layout, made for us by the extremely talented Mycah. We wanted a Charmed releated theme this time, to celebrate the series that was a big part of getting Alyssa to where she is today. And that’s what we got! The header features a promotional photo Alyssa did for the season 5 finale “Oh my Godess“, and we’ve also sprouced up our sidebar with various charmed-releated goodies! We have also now added a brand new MP3 player, so that you can listen to some of Alyssas old songs whilst browsing our pages and archives (more songs are still being added!).

Enjoy the new theme, and please leave a comment with your thoughts! We would love to hear your opinions on the theme, or the site in general. Also, stay tuned for a lot of “charmed” releated updates this weekend, to celebrate our new pretty layout!