1: Shoulder – Rosary Beads

My tattoo collection is tied a lot to religion and the rosary tattoo placed on my right shoulder blade shows this deep devotion. This is a very nicely designed rosary that can be seen with many outfits I wear because of the location. 

2: Neck – Bhuddist Symbol

This tattoo is a variation of the Bhuddist symbol for HUM and can be interpreted as a symbol for depth of wisdom and unity. The tattoo is part of the famous mantra Om mani padme hum used a lot in Buddhism. A good addition to go along with the OM present on my left wrist which may in time lead to the addition of the other symbols as well.

3: Left Wrist – Bhuddist Symbol

I have two different tattoos on the inner side of both wrists. On the left wrist is the Buddhist symbol for Om which is used in many religious chants and symbolizes the essence of the universe.

4: Right Wrist – Ouroboros

The right wrist contains a tattoo of an ouroboros, a snake biting it’s own tale that represents the circular flow of things including death and rebirth. This tattoo is slightly colorful but could have been more intricate in design.

5: Ankle – Roses

On my right ankle is a wraparound chain of roses tattoo with red petals and green leaves

6: Abdomen – Fairy

Going up my body, other tattoos also consists of a kneeling fairy with grass and flowers. The design is very detailed and the tattoo is located on my lower abdomen.

7: Lower Back – Sacred Heart

On my lower back region is also a sacred heart which symbolizes a zeal for life and love.