Alyssa Milano orders electric cars: Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt

While the rest of us are forced to choose one or the other, actress Alyssa Milano is hedging her bet when it comes to an electric car. She and her husband are getting one of each: an electric Nissan Leaf for her and a Chevrolet Volt, an extended-range electric with a backup gas motor, for him.

“I’m obsessed with everything green,” she tells Celebrity Baby Scoop (Not one of the usual places that Drive On goes prowling for auto news). In ordering the two electric cars, she asks, “How cute are we?!”

Milano, who starred in the old sitcom Who’s the Boss and on the witch-oriented Charmed, is hoping to start a family and wants to stay green. She says she was affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill over the summer and when she has kids, “I never wanted my kids to see me pumping gas at a gas station.”

She says electric cars may be more inconvenient, but it’s worthwhile if it means being more responsible toward the planet. She already treads lightly: she’s a vegetarian with a penchant for adopting rescue dogs and horses.