Alyssa Milano: My Son Milo’s a Latching Pro

Since the arrival of son Milo Thomas, Alyssa Milano has had no problem bonding with her nursing newborn.

“I was lucky to have a baby who from the moment he came into the world, was a pro at latching on,” the New Year’s Eve actress, 38, tells Best for Babes. ”I think the thing I like best about breastfeeding is the closeness I feel to Milo and knowing that he’s getting the best of me.”

And while Milano is intent on nursing her 3-month-old son, the new mom isn’t prepared to take it public.“I wish I could breastfeed in public without feeling as though a picture would show up on TMZ,” she admits. “I’ve breastfed Milo in my car numerous times and in fitting rooms at stores. But mostly, when we go out I bring a bottle of expressed milk because sadly, I’m just not comfortable feeding him in public.”

From mommy mishaps to navigating life with a newborn, Milano says there’s one place she can always turn to for much-needed advice: her Twitter followers.

“I can ask a question about anything at all and get a good variety of opinions from everyone,” she explains. “When I tweet about breastfeeding or baby stuff in general, it feels good knowing that women are there to support each other.”

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