Merry christmas from Alyssa Milano Online!

Merry Christmas fellow Alyssa fans! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful christmas so far. Christmas is the time of year which should be filled with a bit extra joy and happiness, and I hope all our visitors are feeling the christmas spirit :)  This site may stay a bit unactive during the rest of 2011, as I want to spend this time with friends and loved ones, and hopefully so will you! I hope to be able to drop by every now and then though. Alyssa Milano Online will continue to serve you all the latest and greatest on Lyssa, as well as lots of more Charmed captures, content updates and more in 2012 – and I’m really looking forward to it!

Alyssa is probably taking a well deserved christmas vacation, and with new baby Milo, I’m sure she and David is having the time of their life! Earlier today, Lys tweeted a photo of her, Dave and Milo in front of a stunning christmas three which can be seen here. They look so happy!

Hope to get in a few charmed screencapture update this coming week (I got the whole DVD box for christmas from my family – huzzah!), but if this becomes the last update this year: Merry christmas and a happy new year dear netters! :D